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LiftGateMe is your single source partner for Waltco liftgate.

Our team is here for you from issue to resolution. If you’re looking for manuals, guides, OEM parts, or complete gates, you’re in the right spot.  We are your partner every step of the way.

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Top Selling Waltco parts

Explore our most popular Waltco liftgate parts. Out of 10,000 OEM Waltco products available, we've selected the best-sellers to help you find exactly what you need.

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Waltco Liftgate Parts with motor switch solenoid and power unit

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Shopping for a NEW Liftgate?

Waltco has been at the forefront of innovation since 1954. They strive to offer high-quality liftgates with the longevity needed to keep your business lifting. From the lightweight tuck under C series for light loads to the robust WDV designed to repetitively lift heavy cargo, we have the perfect Waltco liftgate to meet your needs and application.

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MDL Series

The Waltco MDL/HP-Series rail style liftgate is designed for flexible cargo loading with no platform opening, lifting up to 3,000 lbs. Vertical tracks and dual chains ensure reliable performance and safety.

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HLF Series

The HLF is a heavy-duty flipaway liftgate with lifting capacities of 2,500 to 5,000 lbs. Its versatile design allows the platform to fold and store beneath the vehicle floor, offering convenience and flexibility.

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WDV Series

The WDV is a heavy-duty railgate with lifting capacities from 3,500 to 6,600 lbs. Its innovative design ensures easy operation, low maintenance, and optimal safety, featuring a galvanized finish for durability.

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C Series

The Waltco C-Series liftgate is an entry-level option offering exceptional reliability and performance. Equipped with torsion spring assist, it makes folding and unfolding the platform simple and smooth.

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Why trust Team LiftGateMe 
for your Waltco liftgate needs?

We are your partner in success.

From issue to resolution, Team LiftGateMe has your best interests in mind.  We have been on the road, in the shop, and on the phone when a liftgate is down - we know it's stressful.

That's why we strive to deliver timely, effective solutions to keep your liftgate and business running.  We are America's Liftgate Partner.

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Waltco Liftgate - an industry leader

All About Waltco Liftgate

If you're seeking a best-in-class liftgate with nearly 70 years of innovation and support, Waltco Liftgate should be your go-to choice. Waltco's diverse range of models and features has helped numerous businesses across America lift with ease. We know that purchasing a new gate and repairing a liftgate can be overwhelming, so our team is dedicated to guiding you in finding the perfect Waltco liftgate parts and units to get you lifting.

Let’s talk about how LiftGateMe and Waltco work together to ensure your success.

Waltco Liftgates have been a trusted name since 1954, providing innovative and reliable solutions for trucks and trailers. With a wide array of models each with its own features, Waltco Liftgates cater to a wide range of industries and applications, making your logistics operations more seamless.  If you're looking for a quote on a new Waltco gate, contact us for a quote today.  

When it comes to choosing the perfect liftgate, Waltco offers durable and versatile options with lifting capacities to suit your specific needs. From entry-level models ranging from light weight C series tucker under models to heavy duty WDVs, and features, including aluminum platforms, circuit boards, hand held switches, each liftgate is designed with the user and their business needs in mind. Waltco's galvanized finish on their gates ensures longevity by resisting corrosion so that your equipment is in tip top shape for years to come.

At LiftGateMe, we understand that selecting and maintaining a liftgate can be overwhelming. That's why our team is here to support you every step of the way. Whether you need help finding the right liftgate for your next truck or assistance sourcing OEM parts for local liftgate repairs near you, we are committed to providing exceptional service and expert guidance.

If you’re looking for guidance on your current gate, our team, alongside Waltco’s, are here to help. If you’re wondering what oil you should use in your liftgate, how to replace your liftgate’s switch, or where your serial number is located, we have all these questions answered and more.  If you're in search of technical expertise to troubleshoot a gate, Waltco's Technical Support team is standing by as well.

Invest in the best for your business with Waltco Liftgates and let LiftGateMe be your trusted partner in finding the perfect liftgate solutions. Together, LiftGateMe can make your operations more efficient and ensure your success.