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Maxon liftgate motors for every model

Did your motor burn out or seize? No fear! We have motors for every Maxon liftgate.

Below are our most popular motors to help bring your lift gate back to life. We've added the most popular moters for each style and model of gate, but this is not a complete nor comprehensive list since each model may have a different motor depending on the year.  

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Maxon Tuck Under liftgate Motors

Maxon's tuck under series has their own specific liftgate motors. This series includes models such as the Maxon GPT, TE, and MTB.

Model Description Product Purchase

72-150 (power down)

TE-20     (power down)


Sold out

Older GPT

(not retro fitted)

Sold out

Maxon Heavy Duty Column liftgate Motors

Maxon's column and Rail liftgates are built to lift heavy loads. This series includes models such as the Maxon BMR, BMR-A, BMR-A/-CS, and RC series.

Model Description Product Purchase


RC -2/-3/-4/-5/-6

Sold out


Sold out