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Interlift Palfinger Liftgate Switches

Your family owned Interlift Palfinger Liftgate Switches Distributor. Welcome to our Family.

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Palfinger (Interlift) has a full line of switches for each of their gates making finding your switch a challenge - thankfully, we're here to help solve that by providing the most common information on switches that are widely used.


Control System for ILR, ILT, and ILP (Around 2011 - 2016)

Number Description Part no.
1 2 Button hand control with coil P-72916816
2 Button hand control with coil and plug P-72916816P
2 Button hand control with coil and 7way plug P-1300135
Plug, 4 way 3-00010
Plug, Hella, 7 way P-1237109
Socket, 4 way 3-00011
Socket, Hella, 7 way w/ seal P-1299912A
5 Holster for hand control 1-00050
6 Cab push-pull on-off switch P-1201838
7 Cable for solenoid valve P-67254198
8 Toggle switch P-2004565



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