How to replace your Waltco liftgate switch

How to replace your Waltco liftgate switch

This is an instructional sheet sent out with each of our Waltco super switches.  This explains the replacement process and is provided by the manufacturer, Waltco lift gate.

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Looking to purchase a super switch?  Click here for Super Switch PN: 80000425


Replacement Information and Instructions

New Push Button Control Switch

Replacement Switches do not use a ground wire.

The new switch wiring colors have also changed.

Green  -  Power

White  -  Power

Black  -  Lower

See next page for comparison with earlier switches.

Wire Routing

Wires must not overlap each other before mounting.  Do NOT cross wires.

Wires must also clear the plastic extrusions on the switch before mounting

 80000425 Waltco Switch Wiring Diagram



Color Codes – Connect wires per chart below.

Function                            Before 4/2004                  04/2004 to 03/2008           After 03/2008

Power Green Red Green
Raise White Green White
Lower Black Black Black
Ground N/A White N/A

Heat shrink all connections.  If switch cord and pump unit have plug in connectors, new switch should plug directly into existing gendered connectors on pump, regardless of wire colors.

Waltco Switch Wiring Schematic Diagram


Waltco Switch 80000425 new wiring schematic diagram


WDL inside controls

New 3-wire switch to replace 4-wire switch.

These instructions assume that the existing four-wire inside harness will be reused.

Remove old Switch, and cut wires just below old splices.

Splice wires, and heat shrink connectors.

Important:  Switch wires should always be protected from sharp edges.


This switch 80000425 has not been manufactured by Waltco since 2016.  Click here for more information on the correct replacement switch.  


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