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Maxon Power Unit Guide (Pump and Motor assemblies)

Your family owned Maxon Power Unit Guide (Pump and Motor assemblies) Distributor. Welcome to our Family.

Shop Maxon Power Unit Guide (Pump and Motor assemblies) Parts by Number

Looking for a new Maxon power unit?  Power Units comes completely assembled and include the motor, solenoid, valves, pump, and reservoir - that's the full kit-and-caboodle in technical terms.  In manuals, you'll often find these labeled as pump and motor assemblies.


Reduce wasted time and future problems by purchasing a new power unit today.

** As always, please consult your parts manual, the manufacturer or our office if in doubt **


You may be looking at the part number

If you see this tag and are looking for the complete power unit, you're 95% there.  The Maxon part number is the "CUSTOMER NO." on this tag.  For the sticker below, this power unit part number is 281015-01.

For items connected to the power unit such as the motor, please provide this number when calling us.


Don't see this?  That's alright.  Please locate the TRUE serial number plate on the main frame of the gate and give us a call.  We're here to help.

    Click here to find out where your serial number tag is.

Common hydraulic pumps by model  

Model Lift Gate                      Part Number                      Description

Some 72-15 / TE-20                   280610-01                           Power Unit, Gravity Down

Some 72-150 power down         268181-01                           Power down, power unit

Some TE-20 power down          268181-01                            Power down, power unit


Some GPT Power Down             267655-01                          Retro-Fit Power Unit


I have a new retro fit power unit 267655-01… now what?

Click Here for a brief instruction manual.


Some RC Series                        262256                                 Power Unit Power Down

Some GPT-25 Series                 262256                                 Power Unit Power Down


Some RCM Series                        250100                               Power Unit

Some 72-25 / 72-30 (B&LM)          250100                             Power Unit

We have a total of 0 tagged products for Maxon Power Unit Guide (Pump and Motor assemblies) available.

Find Maxon Power Unit Guide (Pump and Motor assemblies) Parts by Model Style