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Guide to Liftgate Power Units (Hydraulic Pump and Motor Assemblies)

Is it a power unit or a pump and motor assembly?

There's a lack of consistency within the industry when talking about this item.  A power unit and a pump and motor assembly are in 99% of the cases manuals will be synonymous.

Links By Manufacturer

Jump right to it and click the links below for your gate's manufacturer.

Maxon Power Unit (Pump and Motor Assembly) Guide

Waltco Power Unit Guide

Palfinger Power Unit Guide

Thieman Power Unit Guide


What does a pump and motor assembly include?

The power unit (pump and motor assembly), is a plug-and-play unit that usually contains a motor, solenoid, valves, reservoir, and pump.  Ordering a new pump and motor assembly (power unit) allows for a catch all scenario if you are unsure what is wrong with the unit.  Purchasing the full unit also reduces replacement labor costs.

How do I find the right power unit?

If there are part numbers on the power unit try searching the part number in the search bar at the top of this page.  Many times it will be valid.  If you have a Maxon gate that has a sticker which includes the "customer number," that number will most likely be valid (picture below).


Many times there will be no part numbers marked on the power unit.

If there are no part numbers, you will need to find the serial number and model.  It's usually on the frame or platform.  From there, give us or the manufacturers a call and ask exactly, "I have serial number [INSERT_YOUR_SERIAL_NUMBER_HERE], what part number number should I use for the power unit of this gate?"  They'll give you a part number and from there you can find it on our site by typing it into the search box.

If you have no serial number, no markings, and no information, you will want to get in touch directly with the manufacturer to avoid any issues.  They will most likely ask for pictures of the entire gate, the power unit, and multiple measurements.  Once you have a part number, we can ship it to your door : ) 


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