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Waltco Liftgate Switch Guide - All switch models

Your family owned Waltco Liftgate Switch Guide - All switch models Distributor. Welcome to our Family.

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Your New Waltco Liftgate Switch

Waltco has a variety of switches for every model of gate. Each gate has at least one switch, but possibly two, and even better, many of these have alternative options. #choices

Your basic switch is a bolt on application that most likely came with the gate when it was originally purchased. That switch mounts to either the truck or the frame of the gate for easy access and helps to prevent losing the switch (not that we've ever done that).

The second switch that is an option on many models is a hand held switch. Having the hand held options allows for gate operation while next to or on top of the gate's platform; this is worth quite a bit of effort when you have a one man show or simply need to operate the gate from certain positions.


Is the Super Switch available?

Waltco Super Switch 80000425

No. The Super Switch (80000425) pictured to the left has not been manufactured since 2014. Waltco has replaced this switch, as well as the previous lever style switch with updated versions which are OEM and the only options provided by Waltco. For more information on the prior switches, click here.



Switch for your Tuck Under

Waltco Super Switch ReplacementIf you have a tuck under style gate then you're in luck. You can purchase your replacement tuck under switch here. This is a universal toggle switch with an 8 inch lead and cord that exists through the back of the switch. That wire can easily be routed through the bottom of the switch if necessary.

This switch should fit the follow tuck under models:

C, DA, E, EM, EZL, F, FSL, HLF, K, LPF, P80, AND 1090


Switch for your Column Lift

WDV Model

The WDV has two different controllers on this gate.  Please verify the description before purchasing.

Position Link Descrption
Inside Switch 42669137
This is a single toggle with a 3 prong acceptor end
Outside Switch 42669136
Dual toggles, with switch house with 5 foot cord and connector




WDL Model

Thankfully both the inside and outside switch on this gate are the same : ) please verify this fact before ordering.

Position Part Number Description
Inside and Outside switch 75089805 Single push button switch




Part Number Description
Inside controls 91160816 Toggle switch
Outside Controls 80001432 Dual toggles, one switch housing




Part Number Description
Inside and Outside controls 10099360

Single micro button switches




Position Part Number Description
Inside and Outside Controls 10099360 Single micro button switches
Outside Controls 3190111 3 button micro button switch



Switch for your Rail Lift

RGL Model

There are a variety of switches which can be found on the RGL models, please verify the description of the one you are looking for.

Position Part Number Description
With switch and single toggles 75089808 Toggle switch
With key switch and single push buttons 75089805 Single push button switches
With closure valve super switch 80001418 Toggle switch
Inside Switch 37650055 Toggle switch
Outside Controls 80001419 Dual toggles, one switch housing



Use this guide with care. Verify descriptions, models, and if your gate has a dual or single toggle (you should be able to find this out by looking at your current switch).  In very rare cases some models may have custom switches which were made for a specific gate, but this is extremely rare.

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