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Maxon Liftgate Solenoids

Your family owned Maxon Liftgate Solenoids Distributor. Welcome to our Family.

Shop Maxon Liftgate Solenoids Parts by Number

It’s always a wise idea to grab a new solenoid when purchasing a new motor.  Our two most popular solenoids can be found below.  If you are uncertain of the part number or solenoid you are looking for, please give the manufacture or our office a call with the model and serial number of your lift gate and we will assist you.

Please note these part numbers are for Maxon lift gates.

Model                                  Part Number                      Description

GPT-25/-3/-4/-5                     262939                                  12 Volt Heavy Duty DC Motor

BMRSD                               262939                                  12 Volt Heavy Duty DC Motor

RC -2/-3/-4/-5/-6                   262939                                   12 Volt Heavy Duty DC Motor

**Note:  This solenoid can be found on motor 250093 & 268337-01.  Purchase now



Model                                  Part Number                      Description

Few GPT series                   268030-01                           12 Volt, Direct Current Solenoid

                **Note:  This solenoid can be found on motor 250093. Purchase now


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