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Waltco Liftgate Cylinders

Your family owned Waltco Liftgate Cylinders Distributor. Welcome to our Family.

Shop Waltco Liftgate Cylinders Parts by Number

Need a new cylinder?  No problem – we have your back.  We carry a full line of Waltco lift gate cylinders ready to ship to your doorstep… or wherever you may be broken down.  Check out our most common lift gate cylinders.  Your lift gate’s serial number and model can be found on the passenger side of the lift gate.  Waltco’s serial numbers will be either a 6 or 8 digit number.

If you get stuck, call us.   (774) 266-8892


Part Number      Waltco Lift Gate Series                  Description

43020578          MDL, DS, PTN, SB, DT                2″X27-1/8 W/HEAD & SPROCKETS

43330117          MDL, DS, PTN, SB, DT                2.5″X27 LG HEAD AND #60 SPROCKETS

43010123          MDL, DS, PTN, SB, DT                2″X22-1/2 W/HEAD & SPROCKETS

43216800          MDL, DS, PTN, SB, DT                CYLINDER, MDL POWER CLOSURE

35480050              RGL                                         Lift Cylinder

39580050               MDR (most models)               Lift Cylinder

31780050             WDL                                         Lift Cylinder

32680051             WDL (RM)                               Lift Cylinder

32680050              WDL (Pre RM)                        Lift Cylinder

20295401                 F, E                                      Cylinder Kit

80000893                RGL                                      Closure Cylinder

22280010                   C -20                                 Cylinder

We have a total of 255 tagged products for Waltco Liftgate Cylinders available.

Find Waltco Liftgate Cylinders Parts by Model Style