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Liftgate Deals on Fire

If you're looking for liftgate deals hot as fire, join our fire sale list.  Sometimes we have gates that we need to get rid of or left over models that we're helping manufacturers sell quickly.  These are limited offers and often are fast movers - as in first-come-first-serve gone-in-an-hour type of speed.

Most of the gates in this category are not able to be ordered with additional options since they are strategically priced to sell quickly.  Additionally, many of these gates do not come with a manufacturers warranty - that said, we have yet to have any unusual problems with these gates arise during a normal time frame, but we have to still honor the no-warranty policy since that is the terms the manufacturers place on the fire sale liftgates.

The fire sale liftgates apply to all models of gates ranging from small tuck under and pickup truck models, to larger food and beverage column lifts.  We never know what will be on the list or when it will come available so this email is sent out as needed.

Send us a note using the form to the right to be added today!

For new gate sales send us an inquiry here.


Talk soon!

Dave and the team at LiftGateMe