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Liftgate Cylinder Part Number Assistance

The hydraulic cylinder on a liftgate is one of the most important features since it provides lift (hence "liftgate").  Without over 200 cylinders though we understanding finding the correct part number can be a bit tricky, so we've made a cheat sheet to help : ) 


Check cylinder for a part number

Since we naturally use liftgates in outdoor climates, often this number inscribed on the cylinder wares off quickly.  However, if it's there this is the easiest way to find the correct part number.


Locate the serial number and model of gate

If you do not have a part number, the next step will be to locate the serial number and model directly on the liftgate.  This will allow us and the factory to be able to pull up your exact gate and locate which cylinder(s) it was sold with.

Helpful links:


The down and dirty

Unfortunately, if there is no part number, serial number, or model on the gate, we'll need a bit of help doing the leg work.  We need as much information as possible to locate your cylinder. 

At the very least we will need the bore, stroke, and diameter of the cylinder as well as the size of each pin hole.

We will also need physical pictures of the gate and the cylinder.

For a full diagram of measurements needed please see the below image.


Liftgate Cylinder Measurement Diagram





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