Replacing a hand control on your Palfinger liftgate

We've come up with a getting started guide for replacing your Palfinger hand control switch - we hope this comes in handy! 

If you're looking to purchase a switch, click here, otherwise keep reading.

How long does it take?

The suggested time to replace one of the Palfinger liftgate switches is about 1 hour.

What tools do I need?

To replace a switch you will need the following:





  • Side Cutter
  • Butt Connectors
  • Crimping tool
  • Heat Shrink


What position should the liftgate be in?

The platform of the liftgate should be lowered to the ground before replacing the switch.  The liftgate and any power sources should be turned completely off before during the duration of the replacement.


Step-By-Step Instructions

Hand Control with PC Board Plug (ILD+)

  1. Open power pack box and remove black rubber lid, behind which the circuit board is located
  2. Unplug old control plug (J 31) and attach new one
  3. Turn power on and test functions of lift gate
  4. Close power pack cover

Hand Control with Outside Plug

  1. Unplug old hand control, plug in new one.  If hand control is not working correctly after the plug is in then follow steps 2.-4 of "hand control without plug"
  2. Turn power on and test functions of liftgate

Hand Control without Plug

  1. Cut wire of old hand control at end of coil
  2. Turn power on.  Find hot wire of liftgate cable by using test light or voltmeter, one connection on ground (uncoated metal of frame) the other one on the wire is to be tested.
  3. Touch other wires to hot wire, note functions and match to wire of new hand control with the same function (see right), use butt connectors and heat shrint
  4. Test functions of liftgate

Only New J-31 harness

  1. Open power pack cover and remove existing J-31 plug
  2. Remove existing J-31 harness from liftgate frame, cut it below the coil
  3. Attach existing hand control wires to new J-31 harness wires, see tables at the right for correct wire matching, use butt connectors and heat shrink
  4. Plug in new J-31 plug at pc board
  5. Turn power on of liftgate and test hand control
  6. Close power pack cover and mount J-31 harness at frame with tie wraps, and test functions again


Disclaimer:  These instructions are provided on behalf of Palfinger.  Please consult a professional mechanic to install this switch as we hold no responsibility and provide this as a resource only.


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