Where did my Waltco Super Switch go?

Where did my Waltco Super Switch go?

The former Waltco Super Switch, part number 80000425, has not been manufactured for about 2 years now.

Waltco has replaced this switch with two new part numbers.

If the switches are to be used on a tuck-away lift gate, the number 80001431 will work.

You may purchase this switch here.

If the switches are for rail style gates, we will need a serial number to get the correct switch. You can call us or the factory directly at 800.211.3074

The open/close switch is no longer available.
If you need an open/close switch, a 4 way, 2 toggle switch will be needed (raise/lower, open/close)

PN: 80001431
Most common replacement for Waltco Super Switch 80000425



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