Maxon DMD Series Railift Version 2.0 - All you need to know

Maxon DMD Series Railift Version 2.0 - All you need to know

Alert! Another Maxon product announcement just arrived at our finger tips.  Find out all about Maxon's updated DMD model below.

In 2012, the year the DMD was first introduced to the market place, the DMD revolutionized the medium duty Railift™ segment by introducing direct-lift technology versus cables/chains and pulleys. Now in 2018, we are pleased to introduce the next generation of the DMD.


Maxon’s DMD Generation 2.0 Series Railift is a fully hydraulic, direct-lift that utilizes a twin cylinder design to ensure smooth and efficient performance. Specific to the medium-duty market, the DMD was recently redesigned to incorporate numerous improvements. Featuring Aluminum columns paired with glavanized steel runners, all-aluminum platforms and optional dual or single cart stops, the DMD is a welcomed addition to the already popular and classic Railift series.      

DMD Specifications

• Lifting Capacities: 2,200 lbs. to 3,300 lbs.
• Bed Heights: 30” – 54”
• Weight: 635 lbs. to 745 lbs.
• Platform Material:  All Aluminum 
• Platform Widths: 96” and 102”
• Click here to explore all available platform, ramp and cart stop options


Main Assembly
• Aluminum columns & main frame with galvanized steel runners
• Platform can be lowered without opening; release curb side stow latch to lower
• Reduction of column height from 84.63” to 78.40” 
• Lowered platform latch location for improved accessibility at higher bed heights; only on curbside
• Reduction of housing height for standard units from 13.50” to 12.25”
• New extruded Aluminum columns with increased runner dimensions (3.5” x 3.5” x .125”)
• Edge Guard has been added to the platform design as a roll-off barrier for carts

Hydraulic System

• “Series” lift cylinders with improved seal design 
• Operating pressures lowered to under 2800psi 
• Closing cylinder: displacement style with 1000 hrs. salt spray tested rod and thermoplastic hydraulic hose
• Unit stores pressurized into storage plates
• Platform tilt adjustability – up to 1” below bottom of the runner
• Cycle counter and Max Grip® platform surface treatment now a standard
• Manual vs. Power Close – optional power closure now available on 1-piece as well as 2-piece platforms
• Numerous ramp and cart stop options for one-piece and two-piece DMD platforms

Optional Features

• Dual Cart Stops
• Single Cart Stop
• Retention Ramp (available on one-piece platforms only)


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