Van and Wheelchair Liftgate Solutions

Van and Wheelchair Liftgate Solutions

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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

We are proud to offer two distinct options for your van liftgate needs.
The MiniFix is exclusively made for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. This gate has an impressive lifting capacity up to 1,320 lbs and comes standard with a 63”x 55” platform. It is the perfect level-ride solution for medical (Non-Handicap Uses), hospitality, and general logistic applications. And best of all, this gate has a simple bolt on design making for a fast installation process.

General Vans

The Citifix is a general solution gate allowing for universal installations. Mounting from the inside, this workhorse will lift up to 1,100 lbs with ease. This highly diverse lift will fit the majority of van models.

Maxon WL7 wheel chair lift

The Maxon WL7 lift has been discontinued by Maxon; however, we understand that there are many of these great products in still used daily by many fleets of vehicles. If you are in search of OEM replacement parts for this series of gate or a parts breakdown please contact us and we will assist in finding you the correct parts to get your lift back in action.


  • » 1100 - 1320 lbs capacity
  • » (2) Cylinder lift, one lift one tilt
  • » Enclosed, pre-mounted PowerPack
  • » Outside mounted push button switches
  • » Bolt on Installation, prepared for each model (specify with lift order)
  • » Unit weight 360 lbs
  • » Ground roller
  • » Hand held remote
  • » Auxilary battery kit with AGM battery (Dodge, Ford, MB & Nissan)
  • » Radio remote controls
  • » OEM Brand specific mounting solutions
  • » Foot controls in platform
  • » Warning lights in platform
Platform Specifications
  • » Extruded aluminum 62“ x 55“
  • » Built in spring loaded cartstop
Safety Features
  • » Hydraulic cylinder locks
  • » Level ride platform


  • » 1100 lbs capacity
  • » (2) Cylinder lift
  • » Enclosed, pre-mounted PowerPack with backup hand pump
  • » Fast easy bolt on Installation
  • » Unit weight 340-370 lbs
  • » Lubrication free bushings
  • » Hand held remote
  • » Auxilary battery kit - factory kit available through truck dealer
Platform Specifications
  • » Steel 47“ deep x 34“ wide
  • » Steel 59“ deep x 34“ wide
  • » Built in spring loaded cartstop
Safety Features


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