TE-25DC ("Dual Cylinder") - Newest Tuk-A-Way available

TE-25DC ("Dual Cylinder") - Newest Tuk-A-Way available

Maxon did it again!  We're looking at great upgrades to one of Maxon's most popular models the TE-25 to help keep you liftging without blowing a whole in your budget... or cylinder! 

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TE-25DC Top Features

The TE-25DC features large 48" x 84" and 52" x 84" wedge-type steel, steel/aluminum or aluminum/aluminum platforms. The steel/aluminum platforms come optional with single or dual cart stops. The wedge design allows smooth transition of load on and off the platform. The TE-25DC was designed for heavy-duty capability without the heavy-duty price tag.
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The TE-25DC is Maxon's latest addition to its industry-leading Tuk-A-Way® product line. Boasting a 2,500 lb. lifting capacity, a bolt-on extension plate and a bolt-on heavy-duty step assembly, the TE-25DC comes in a rugged and economical package. Engineered in response to customers requiring greater platform space for consolidated palletized loads, the TE-25DC is optimal for small- to mid-sized trucks with beds as low as 38”. Single and dual cart stop options also available for the steel/aluminum and aluminum/aluminum configurations.

Twin Cylinder Design

The TE-25DC features a twin cylinder, mid-arm design resulting in great performance and stability.

Hydraulic Locking

The TE-25DC features a hydraulic lock valve that takes operator involvement out of the equation. As soon as the control button is released, the gate is always securely locked.

Bolt-On Steps & Extension Plate

The steps and extension plates were strategically designed to bolt-on in order to avoid welding on the gate that would affect the factory paint. The steps were also designed as an integral part of the gate that would easily allow for them to be exchanged in case of dock damage.

TE-25DC Now Available with Optional Galvanized Finish

Step up to a galvanized gate – for a fraction of the cost! MAXON now offers its TE-25DC liftgates with the optional galvanized finish.
If you operate in tough winter conditions, you need maximum protection from the elements. Now, Maxon provides the industrial-strength option of fully galvanized gates for the longest gate life.


This exclusive paint process has a tough polyurea top coat and an aluminum rich primer that combat corrosion and keep the liftgate looking like new.


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