Galvanized option for Maxon ME2 pickup gates

Galvanized option for Maxon ME2 pickup gates

Stop suffering with a rusty gate.  The ME2 pickup lift by Maxon now comes with a galvanized finish to prevent rust and improve the lifetime value of the gate.  Contact us today for pricing!

From the Horse's Mouth. Maxon News Flash!

MAXON Lift Corp. is announcing a galvanized finish option for its Me2 liftgate product line. This option is available for all models (i.e. steel, aluminum, bar grate, or grip strut platforms).

The Me2 provides easy, safe, and cost effective lifting of light to moderate loads. As the latest addition to its light duty series for pickup trucks, service bodies, stakebed and van bodies, the Me2 liftgates are built with high performance and low maintenance in mind.

All galvanizing is done in-house in our newly built, state-of the-art galvanizing plant which allows us to offer this option at no additional cost for our Me2 product line.

Visit the ME2 home page for more information or get a quote now.


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