Liftgates for Sale and In Stock

You need a liftgate and we can sell and ship it to your facility.  We have a variety of the most popular makes and models in stock and ready to ship.

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Information needed

We'll need a few bits of information to get started on your quote.  ALL information below is needed to start a quote.

  • Truck or Trailer
  • Make, Model and Year of the vehicle
  • Is it a 96 or 102 wide vehicle
  • Clearance from ground to deck height
  • If it's a trailer, are there swing doors?
  • What capacity do you need?  (Ranging from 2,000 to 6,600 lbs)

Common Questions

There are well over 100 makes and models of gates, plus more than 10 options per gate, that's over 1,000 combinations.  We know there's a lot to think about when ordering, not to mention, it's a big financial commitment when purchasing, but we hope to settle a few main questions that have often.

How much does a liftgate cost?

The price of a liftgate varies widely depending on your specific needs.  That said, since we get this question often from first timers, below are some basic prices to think about. This is as of 2018 with the price range given from a very basic model to a cadillac version.  We do not currently disclose prices online for new gates since we believe that every customer is unique.

Light duty pickup liftgates can range from under $2,000 to $3,500.

Classic tuck under can range from $2,000 to $11,000.

Rail gates and column lift can range from $5,000 to $20,000 or more.

Again these are ball park estimates since we want to help you find the perfect gate to fit your needs.

Do you install liftgates?

Yes, yes, and definitely yes.  We are a family fleet business based out of Boston, (The David Mullins Company), which performs full installs if you are in the area.  From the most basic pickup lift to large column lifts for national accounts, we do it all.

For those who are not located in New England, we have a vast network of installer facilities coast to coast.

Installs vary depending on many factors.  The most common will be, the type of gate purchased, if an existing gate needs to be taken off the vehicle, and how clean the back of the vehicle is.

Please let us know if an install is needed up front so that we can properly arrange an install.

Do you sell used gates?

We do not sell used gates unless our Massachusetts location installs them.  That is because we want to keep our customers ecstatic about our service and what they purchase.  If you purchase a new gate we really want you to know what you're getting.  Since gates can last 30+ years, how "used" they are varies widely as do their operability so we simply do not do it unless we personally install it.

Can you put a liftgate on a truck or trailer?

In almost all cases yes.

There are some older models of Pickup Trucks (Pre-2000) which are not able to support liftgates because their bodies are simply too weak.


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