Waltco LiftGate Motor

Your Waltco liftgate motor just burnt out—now what?  Don’t worry we have you covered. 

We sell the full Monty of OEM liftgate motors from Waltco.  Below you will find our best sellers.  Please consult your original liftgate manual, or Waltco, to confirm your correct item number before ordering.  The original part number may be located on the motor with a sticker; however, due to high operating temperatures and natural erosion the sticker may wear.  In this case, youLiftGateMe.com_Add2Cart will need to provide the liftgate’s serial number to identify the original part number.

Waltco Lift Gate Motor - 7043001-1

Waltco LiftGate Motor – 7043001-1

For popular Waltco motors, you will find the applicable Waltco series which the motor fits.  These models are provided by the manufacturer, but please check to ensure you have the correct part before ordering.  For your convenience, we also try our best to list previous part numbers for each motor that correlate to the current part number.


To find your part number please contact Waltco directly.  You will receive about 25% off when ordering through our site.  If you would like to find your gate’s breakdown please visit our Waltco home page and select your liftgate model.  www.liftgateme.com/waltco-liftgate/


Note:  You may see the name, “Monarch,” on your Waltco motor.  Unfortunately, we are unable to correlate the Monarch part number to Waltco’s.  If calling to inquire about a motor we will need the liftgate’s serial number to identify the correct part on your liftgate.




7043002-1 , 10099403 & 10099400, Waltco lift Motor

Waltco Motor – 7043002-1

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