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Waltco Switch – Replacement How To

This is an instructional sheet sent out with each of our Waltco super switches.  This explains the replacement process and is provided by the manufacturer, Waltco lift gate.

Looking to Purchase Switch?  SuperSwitch PN: 80000425LiftGateMe.com_Add2Cart

New Push Button Control Switch

Replacement Switches do not use a ground wire.

The new switch wiring colors have also Waltco Switch - 80000425changed.

Green  -  Power

White  -  Power

Black  -  Lower

See next page for comparison with earlier switches.

Wire RoutingWaltco Diagram 1

Wires must not overlap each other before mounting.  Do NOT cross wires.

Wires must also clear the plastic extrusions on the switch before mounting


Color Codes – Connect wires per chart below.

Function                            Before 4/2004                  04/2004 to 03/2008           After 03/2008

Power Green Red Green
Raise White Green White
Lower Black Black Black
Ground N/A White N/A

Heat shrink all connections.  If switch cord and pump unit have plug in connectors, new switch should plug directly into existing gendered connectors on pump, regardless of wire colors.

Waltco Diagram 2






WDL inside controls

New 3-wire switch to replace 4-wire switch.Waltco Diagram 3

These instructions assume that the existing four-wire inside harness will be reused.

Remove old Switch, and cut wires just below old splices.

Splice wires, and heat shrink connectors.

Important:  Switch wires should always be protected from sharp edges.

Waltco SuperSwitch – Order here

Did your switch fail?  No worries; we have your Waltco lift gate switch in stock and ready to ship-today!


Part Number: 80000425 (Previously 10099320, 10099300)

Applicable Models:  F, C, E, EZL, LPF, MDR, RGL, and WDL

This three wire switch is a common feature on many Waltco gates. It is easy to retrofit on either side of your truck or trailer.  This switch is a direct replacement for the former teardrop-lever switch, as well as the present version.  The rugged two button system is now built in a hard plastic housing to resist corrosion from salt, water, snow, and sand.

Waltco Switch - 80000425

Waltco Switch – 80000425

This product is covered by a manufacturer 1-year warranty (subject to change by the manufacturer).

If you find yourself reaching for the control switch and are looking for another option, we offer a handheld switch which attaches to the lift gate via a coil cord.   This part number for this is 80000423; please verify that your model will allow this extended switch.

If you would like us to create an instructional video to install these please leave us a message below and we will get working on one.LiftGateMe.com_Add2Cart

Need help with switch installation?  Click Here

Know us, like us, questions comments, or if you would like us to create an instructional, please leave us a message below.  It’s greatly appreciated.

Waltco LiftGate Switch

Waltco offers a diverse range of lift gate switches, each serving its own purpose.  As always please consult your liftgate’s original manual or the manufacturer to ensure order accuracy.  Every Waltco switch sold on LiftGateMe is a new OEM part provided directly by Waltco.  We do not sell after market parts unless fully disclosed.  Additionally, you may find that on some product pages we provide which Waltco series lift gate the switch will fit.  This information is provided by the manufacture to assist you in finding the correct product id.

So lets get started.


The famous and best selling Waltco Super Switch (80000425) is unfortunately out of creation.  Waltco seized making this switch over two years ago, leaving us to offer an OEM premium replacement which they now offer.

Waltco replacement switch 80001431 for 80000425

Waltco replacement switch 80001431 for 80000425

There are several switches which replace the former, but if you have a tuck under you’re in luck!  The new part number for all tuck under style gates is switch 80001431.  If you’re unsure of which switch you need, contact us with the serial number and model of the lift gate (this is the only way we can find the correct switch you need).  For all tuck under or 9 inch, 3 wire, simple toggle replacement switches, please order using the link to the left.

Waltco super switch replacement

Waltco super switch replacement






Waltco LiftGate Switch

Waltco Super Switch

The most famous and best selling switch by Waltco is the Super Switch (80000425).  This is sold special on our site for under $70.  This switch can be replaced quickly and efficiently.  You may find that your Super Switch has a teardrop, lever on it.  This switch was known as the Waltco Super Switch II.  This no longer exists.  Waltco has reverted back to their original two button design for superior operation and long lasting service.  And if you’re wondering why your switch has 4 wires instead of three, don’t worry, Waltco covered the conversion in their one-page-handy-dandy-instructional-diagram which we mail out with LiftGateMe.com_Add2Carteach switch.  For those of you with the two button version, it’s just as easy to replace.  For more information and to order click the image to the left.


Waltco lift gate Open Close Switch - 80000844

Waltco Open/Close Super Switch

The open close switch is, for all intentional purposes, the same model as the raise lower super switch (80000425).  This item fits a few different series by Waltco, so please consult your owners guide.  If you feel that the words open/close would be more effective for your drivers and employees to use, then you may opt for this switch over 80000425 and 10099300.





The coil switch is a great accessory for those needing the extra reach Waltco Coil Switch - 80000423while operating their lift gates.  Whether you are a sole operator or like the convenience, this option will allow you to operate the gate within 10 feet.  PLiftGateMe.com_Add2Cartlease see this product’s page to ensure that this item will fit your Waltco model.


Waltco toggle switch 75089808The sealed toggle switch (Waltco Part Number 75089808) is a two position switch included in four lift gate models.  This high quality, high impact switch is made by a division of Honeywell to meet the severe weather conditions and temperatures.  Because of its design, it is important to replace original parts with only OEM parts manufactured by Waltco themselves.  LiftGateMe.com_Add2CartPlease visit the product page for more information and appropriate models.


Waltco Lift Gate Switch - 10099325

Waltco Lift Gate Switch – 10099325


This switch remote with plug socket is part number 10099325, and has replaced previous part numbers of 34075010 and 10099302.





As always, please consult your original lift gate’s manual or the manufacturer to ensure order accuracy.