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Your switch just failed?  Oh, your driver backed up into something and shattered it?  Regardless of what happened, we’re here to help.  We carry a full line of Maxon switches.  Whether it’s a simple toggle switch for a small Tuk-A-Way, or a big ol’ fancy three button on a Maxon column lift, you can be sure that our parts are OEM direct from the manufacture so that you aren’t stuck with an aftermarket switch.


Here’s what we have for you.  This is a condensed list of common Maxon switches.  As always, please consult your original lift gate manual or call to verify the switch number that corresponds to your lift gate’s serial number.


Tuk-A-Way Gravity Down

Maxon Liftgate Switch 264346

Maxon Liftgate Switch 264346

This switch is for the Maxon gravity down Tuk-A-Ways.  LiftGateMe.com_Add2CartThis item’s previous part number includes the 267959-01. Wire coloring for the previous switch has changed showed in the table below.  This is a common switch and a great item to keep on hand if you are a mechanic shop.

Black      =     Yellow

White    =     White

Red        =     Green


Tuk-A-Way series Power Down

The Maxon, Tuk-A-Way Power Down, utilizes item number 264951-02.  This four wire switch and cable assembly comes with longer wires; however, thesephoto wires may easily be fitted for 168”, 144”, and 9” applications.  If you would like the exact part number for each of these lengths, please see the three part numbers below.

This switch fits the GPT-25, GPT-3, GPT-4, & GPT-5 power down units.  As always, please consult your parts manual for order assurance.

Switch and Cable assembly molded 6 position

264951                                  120”            Buy NowLiftGateMe.com_Add2Cart

264951-01                            144″            Buy Now

264951-02                            168”            Buy Now

264951-04                            9”                Buy Now


BMR series Rail Lift.

Maxon Switch – 268145-01

Please make note that there is a difference in part number for the gravity down versus the power down models.  We want you to receive the right part the first time so please refer to page 123 of the parts manual for the correct part number.

Need more than switches?   Check out our BMR Essentials page


280252: Control Box BMR-A Gravity Down                   Buy Now

280253: Control Box BMR-A Power Down                    Buy Now

Maxon BMR Liftgate Switch - 280252

Maxon BMR Liftgate Switch – 280252


268145-01 : Control Box, Power Down, Power Open      Buy Now

268142-01:  Maxon Switch and Cable Assembly           Buy Now


Maxon BMR Switch - 280253

Maxon BMR Switch – 280253







Maxon Switch and Cable - 268142-01

Maxon Switch and Cable – 268142-01



RC series Column Lift.

For the RC series column lift by Maxon we have a pretty common switch.  This switch harness assembly, part number 250916, is connected with a 240” wire for ample length.  The column lift series includes the RC-3B, RC-4B, RC-5B, and RC-6B series gate.

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