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Name: Solenoid Replacement

Current Part Number: 80001065

Previous Part Numbers: 70092521, 70092531, 75089831LiftGateMe.com_Add2Cart

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This 12V Solenoid replacement is Waltco’s most popular solenoid.  This solenoid can be found on the following models: F, C, E, EZL, LPF, MDR, RGL, WDL, BZ, WDV, MDL, DS, PTN, SB, and DT series lift gates.  This part is very versatile on the lift gates making it a great solenoid to have in stock in case of an emergency.  Although it does fit each of these models, sometimes an adaptation is required so that the solenoid fits correctly.  We usually find this to be a very simple fix, but for those who wish to have the exact solenoid which came with their gate we recommend searching for the exact part number first.

Waltco Solenoid Replacement - 80001065

Waltco Solenoid Replacement – 80001065

Please note that the previous part numbers 70092521, 70092531, 75089831, are the same part as 80001065.  The current part has been modified to fit these previous applications and are common place for many lift gate manufacturers.

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