Leyman – Leyman lift parts super store


We are a full line distributor of Leyman.  Let us assist you in finding the most competitive prices for your fleet.  Having a full line distributorship with Leyman lift gate allows us to provide OEM parts as well as full gates at the best prices possible.  Leyman part numbers often include dashes and letters; please be aware of their standard when searching for parts as skipping the dash will not allow our system to pickup on the manufacturer part number.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us directly.

The following are Leyman’s most popular lift gate series.  If you have any questions or would like a quote on these items please call or email us today.

  • Rail (aka the Fold-A-Vador)
  • Tuckunder (aka the Hide-A-Way)
  • Side/Rear (Hide-A-Way)
  • Internal (Ley-Vador)
  • Slide Under (Level-Vador)
  • Cantilever (Level-Vador)
  • External Sprinter Gate

Leyman is a trusted name by many national accounts throughout the United States and Canada.  By providing a diverse range of products, Leyman is a very competitive manufacturer in the lift gate industry.

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