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Lift Gate Platform for Maxon TE-20b

If you’re looking for a new lift gate platform for a Maxon TE-20b, your options may be limited.  This model comes with a standard size platform which is the only one available on this model; however, we do offer an extension for the platform which delivers 6 more inches of usable space making it the perfect addition to add a little more space without purchasing a new gate.

Call us today with your lift gate’s serial number, as we will use this to find the exact part number which matches your specific gate.

Please abide by manufacture recommendations for lift gate capabilities; these are set forth for the safety of everyone.

New Lift Gate Platform? We have you covered.

Are you looking for a new platform for your lift gate?

For immediate assistance, shoot us an email with the serial number and model; we will get back to you asap.

There are several reasons you may look into a new platform.

Harsh outdoor elements, as well as road salt, sand, and other materials, may rust your platform causing the metal to weaken and eventually break.  These elements can also lead to the erosion of hinges and torsion bars within the platform, which may cause the platform to jam and become unusable.

You may also be looking to extend the depth of your lift gate’s platform to increase efficiency and utilize a larger area for cargo.  Many times this is possible; we can send you all platform options, which your specific gate can support.  Simply identify the serial number and model of your lift gate, then give us a call.


Need a new one?

If you currently have the largest platform offered for your gate’s model, you may be out of luck to upgrade to a larger platform.  There are certain limitations for every lift gate, given by the manufacturer. When the depth of the platform is increased, the load capacity will decrease due to the additional weight and length of the platform.   Total capacity will decrease at points toward the end of the gate; this is because the load arm has been extended, therefore moving the load point further away from the fulcrum.  If you increase the platform depth and platform weight beyond the manufacture’s specific guidelines you are causing a safety hazard.  Please be aware of all safety measures issued by the manufacturer; this is for everyone’s safety.

For companies looking to prolong the life of your next platform, decrease weight, and improve gate aesthetics, we recommend an aluminum platform.  If you are looking to replace your existing platform, that is also possible.  If you provide the serial number and model of your gate, we will gather you a quote for a new platform.

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